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  "If it rolls, flys, or floats I gotta have it!"

Welcome to my Military Action Figure homepage on the internet!


This is a page dedicated to my hobby of 12" GI Joes, Sams, Dragons and other action figures.  The page is currently under construction, but I have a few others here that are up and running.


21st Century 2001 Con Cancelled!

I've created a petition page to show our positive support for a convention by 21st Century Toys in 2001.  Please join us in supporting it!

Trenches AOL Chat Sounds

Fun little sound clips that can be played while in AOL Trenches Chat!  Go here to get the scoop!

Zang's Chat with Greg Peebles

View the transcript of the chat session at Zang's On 8/14/00 with Greg Peebles of Plastically Anything.

21st Century Convention Coverage

Day 1:  Thursday, July 6, 2000, Update 1

Day 2:  Friday, July 7, 2000, Update 1

I really gotta finish this!


Flash Force Pics

Rebecca's Baaaaaaa & Grille

21C Main WWII Diorama

Motor Pool Pics

Here I'm going to display some of the Vehicles, Equipment, and Personnel in the Motor Pool.  It's under construction, but should be up soon!

Coming Soon:  21C Stuart Tank Review!

Fraulein Brittany Arrives at Kozin's Motor Pool!

Check out the pictures of her arrival and greeting by a few of the German Troops in my collections.  A special thanks to Valerie Briggs, The Glove Lady, for sending me this special surprise.


Convention 2000 Roll Call.

Attending the Hasbro or 21st Century Toys conventions in California this summer?  Find out who else will be there.  Also, follow the instructions on how to get your name up on the list.


Bring Back the White Scout Car!

21st Century Toys has decided to push back the release date on their White Scout Car!  This is almost a sin!  Please follow the instructions on joining the petition to let them know we still want it!


The 1999 Sandbox Halloween Contest.

I hosted the 1999 contest and their were a lot of fun entries.  Also, a lot of great people donated prizes!  I'm leaving the pics on here as long as I have the room.


The 1999 GI Joe Convention in Washington DC

I managed to attend the 1999 Joe Con last minute!  Literally, Last Minute!  Got some good pics that will be going up here.  Gotta transfer them from my other website so stay tuned.

Brian Vota's Tiger Tank

Diaroma's, figures, and dealer room stuff

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Mug Shots.
Jumpers on station! Other Photos.




  Connecticut Joes

Be sure to stop by the Connecticut Joes Webpage and check out our Vietnam Firebase, German USO Show and Godzilla! dioramas!