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2001 Sandbox Halloween Contest Entries!

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Voting is finished!

Congrats to everyone for a great job!


Entry 1:

1st Place

Mitch Raymer

Entry 2:

7th Place

Dan Reed

Entry 3:

6th Place

John Grima

Entry 4:

8th Place


Entry 5:

4th Place

Bill Smerdon

Entry 6:

Best of: Custom

Paul Denton

Entry 7:

2nd Place

Scott Turnbull

Entry 8:

5th Place

Fred Richter

Entry 9:

Best Of:  Computer Enhanced

Lanny Lathem

Entry 10:

3rd Place

Paul Daiter

Entry 11:

Best of: Prefab Figures

Kevin M. Epling


To Vote:

Send an email to with the following information:

Your FULL name;

Your email;

Your address;

1st Place Choice
2nd Place Choice
3rd Place Choice

Any email that does not have all info listed will be thrown out.

Any email from a person that has NOT posted to the Sandbox (verifiable through Google, etc, etc) will be thrown out.